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When we say that all fragrances which we sell are original, 
it means that our sources are the agents and Authorized distributors.

The fragrance is a masterpiece with its origin box covered with cellophane, except some types which are produced without cellophane by its company like Creed, Davidoff cool water, and Joop Homme perfume.

It should contain the patch number which consists of numbers and letters that were printed or pressed on the outside box and must match the one on the interior perfume bottle.

The perfume atomizer doesn't leak perfume liquid after use.

The plastic tube which draws out the liquid shouldn't be too long, but it should just reach the bottle's bottom.

The quality of the box and cellophane are good and the font of writing is special and clear.

After using the perfume on the skin will not feel an oily feeling on the skin.

NOTICE: Sometimes it may happen with a low percentage that atomizer has a defect as a result of manufacturing fault, in the condition that the rest of elements are available to say that it's original.

There shouldn't be any precipitation or residue in the liquid inside the perfume bottle.

The Aroma (it means the spread power of the perfume in the surrounding) depends on the elements which the scent consists of,

and it differs from one perfume to another and the evidence of that is that some of us prefer light perfumes and others prefer strong ones.

Stability ( lasting time of perfume's scent and surrounding's feeling of it) depends on the concentration of the perfume's oil in the scent itself according to that we found that the eau de cologne remains from 1 hour to 2 hours, Eau de toilette remains 4:6 hours, Eau de perfume remains 6:9 hours, and perfume remains 9:16 hours, each of them differs according to the major elements of the scent.

And from the other things that provide that our fragrances are original are our customer reviews

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and also some of the famous people's reviews who dealt with us and made video reviews about us such as :

The interviewer Doaa Amer

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We are o2morny's company and we have an announced headquarters and all of our customers can give us the glory by visiting us and pickup their orders by themselves and check and quality of products and make sure it's original.

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We have been in the perfume business for 17 years and became online from 4 /2017

because of this, we tell you to stay calm and buy from o2morny

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