Beesline Suntan Oil Gold 200ml

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Gold Suntan oil

It gives the skin a safe and unmatched bronze color and a soft golden luster. And

Ingredients :

1- Pure Gold: Soothes the skin.

2- Beta-carotene from carrots: an effective antioxidant.

3- Sunflower oils, wheat: rich in vitamin E: anti-oxidant.

4- Beeswax and cocoa butter: emollient and nourishing. And

Advantages :

1- It gives the skin a strong and safe brown color.

2- Protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

3- Promotes the production of melanin, which increases the ability to tan the skin.

4- Refreshes and renews skin cells.

5- The mixture of oils that consists of it gives you a long-lasting golden color.

6- Leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

Usage :

To be applied to the body before exposure to the sun, it should be re-applied regularly. And

warning :

Does not contain sun protection.