Natural Mandarin Oil by Ayurveda

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بمناسبه اجازة العيد سوف يتم شحن الطلبات ابتدا من يوم الاحد الموافق ١٦ /٥

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Mandarin Oil by Ayurveda


Essential oil of mandarin is extract of mandarin flowers, not mandarin peel, where getting mandarin blossom and its distillation is very stressful, but it deserves this fatigue because it contains effective substances, the most important of which are limonene and vitamin C, and they are one of the most important materials in tangerine oil

  • Contains limonene from anti-cancer and anti-oxidants, so it has an effective role in treating signs of aging (wrinkles)
  • Vitamin C is considered an anti-infection and therefore Tangerine essential oil is indispensable for anyone who wants to unify the color of his skin, who wants to treat melasma and dark spots, and who wants to lighten his skin
  • It treats wrinkles and stretch marks, especially after childbirth and slimming
  • Mandarin essential oil is used in massage oils, it relaxes and simplifies muscles and is useful for those who have muscle tension and very useful for athletes