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Natural Marmaria Oil by Ayurveda

by: Ayurveda
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Marmaria Oil by Ayurveda


Essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the plant and get a very penetrating aromatic oil rich in active ingredients and substances that are used internally and externally.

  •  Marmaria oil is used to treat menstrual disorders for girls and women
  • An effective treatment for those who have a late pregnancy as it is considered a natural estrogen stimulator
  • It works to enlarge the size of the breast using it internally because it is an estrogen generator
  • An effective treatment for digestive disorders by taking two drops of oil on a cup of water and drinking 3 times a day
  • An effective treatment for bad breath caused by inflammation and pus of the gums by taking one drop and anointing the inflamed gums
  • An effective treatment for most respiratory diseases by taking two drops on half a cup of water and drinking three times a day
  • It is a strong reliever for joint pain and is considered a strong anti-rheumatic and rheumatoid
  • This particular type of rare oil protects against the risk of developing cancer
  • Very effective oil in the treatment of deep dandruff by taking 3 drops and massaging the scalp with it
  • It thus prevents hair loss due to high levels of fat in the scalp
  • It completely eliminates acne and cleanses oily and mixed skin
  • Very useful for psoriasis and psoriasis and helps in regenerating skin cells
  • Marmaria oil is one of the strongest antioxidants, so it is effective in treating wrinkles and tired skin and works on the freshness and serenity of the skin
  • Marmaria oil helps treat white streaks (cellulite)
  • Finally, Marmaria oil is very safe in the event of internal use, but it is strictly forbidden to use internally for pregnant women

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