Natural Thyme Oil by Ayurveda

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Thyme Oil by Ayurveda


  • thyme oil is effective at reducing acne-causing bacteria on the skin.
  • Thyme oil mixed with other essential oils and a carrier oil, coupled with massage, may be used as a treatment to prevent hair loss.
  • The thymol content in thyme oil is thought to have antispasmodic properties. When mixed with primrose, thyme essential oil has been shown to be effective at reducing coughs and reducing the duration of respiratory tract infections, such as the common cold.
  • carvacrol in thyme oil was an effective anti-inflammatory agent with cardioprotective capabilities, making it potentially beneficial for people with heart disease.
  • Thymol’s anti-inflammatory effects have been documented in several studies. The thymol in thyme oil is effective at reducing inflammation and infection.