Beware of happiness and boredom when choosing perfumes

Beware of happiness and boredom when choosing perfumes

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Perfumes are like clothes and music. Each person has his own taste in choosing the colors of the clothes he wears and the types of music he listens to. So do the perfumes, each person differs from each other in choosing the appropriate fragrance for him! So, the tastes differed and the types of perfumes increased.
The fragrance is related to the aromatic line or the aromatic imprint/footprint that our mind prefers and analyzes according to the chemical composition of our body, as is the case in the genetic imprint, so there is no bad smell, but there is a perfume that fits my aromatic imprint or not. We must know that the nose is just a transporter of the smell molecules, but the mind is the one who analyzes it, so we accept it or not, knowing that the mood and psychological state affect our acceptance of the fragrance or not.

Although everyone has aromatic imprint, he may accept a perfume if it is associated with a happy attitude, even if he has not used this perfume before. This situation may be a reason for choosing a specific fragrance, which may cause a shock later after using if he returns to his normal state.

Sometimes we may reject a perfume because we inhaled it in mood of distress or sadness, and this situation would be the reason for our rejection, but after a while we can accept it well and regret not using it as a suitable perfume.

Sometimes this happens with some women more than men, they affected by the mood, she refuses perfume at a certain time despite she loves it because it will bring back a bad memory or sad situation to her.

Therefore, we advise you, when choosing a new fragrance/perfume, to try it while you are in your normal mood not in cases of joy or sadness, and beware of boredom because boredom of a specific smell, if it is Redolence, is the reason of sending signals to the brain to refuse this scent and its fading, then we think that the smell has disappeared and ended.

You have to try perfumes while you are aware of your aromatic footprint, moods, and fragrance composition appropriate to your personality, and do not buy it just because someone else spoke about him in a positive way (recommend it) and do not judge it's waft by yourself or people with you in the house, because the outdoors differs from the closed places that may be full of tobacco smells, which may affect the fragrance.

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