Places to spray perfume

Places to spray perfume

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Many people love to spray more and more perfume and do not aware how this is very dangerous, and what is consequent for this.

Spraying more perfumes very dangerous because:

1- Makes your nose unable to distinguish the scents, which means you would not be able to differentiate one perfume to the other.

2- Causes Allergic irritation of the nasal sinuses and the nasal sinuses headache that no one like absolutely.

3- The most important point is that on the contrary spraying more perfumes cause odor/fragrance instability.

4- It may increase the sensitivity of the skin to the perfume and feel a burning sensation on the skin.

So, what is the solution!!!!!!!! Do not spray perfumes??????
Of course not, but we all have to know the right way to spray perfumes.

1- Behind (inside) the Elbows
Spraying perfumes inside the elbows help to diffuse the fragrance because this warm area allows the scent to rise throughout the day.

2- behind the Ears
One of the best areas in the body to spray perfumes and make it diffuse specially in small spaces.

3- The Navel/ Belly button
From the most beautiful areas to spray perfumes especially during making love/ Intimate relationship which makes you super sexy.

4- The Neck
One of the most famous areas in the body to diffuse the perfume.

5- Behind the Knees
This area makes the body scent exciting and very attractive especially during making love which add successful and excitation to it.

The areas of spraying perfumes on the body are different in the lasting and diffuseness of the perfumes which makes the Women or the Man distinct between the others.

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