How to choose the fragrance for your personality ?????

How to choose the fragrance for your personality ?????

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Perfumes ... the magic of astonishment, the dazzle of the moment, the spray of feelings, the imprisonment of memories, the wonderful gift.
Perfume is the first handshake between spirits, preceding a handshake.
The fragrance was from the fragrance that was launched centuries ago, and in most of the ancient references it was mentioned that the fragrance appeared in the beginning since the Stone Age, by burning some aromatic leaves, then the perfumes began to develop in their form. Time, passing through different civilizations, the development of perfumes differs in each civilization from the civilization that preceded it. Until the Arabs were able to use the flower crown in the manufacture of perfumes to extract blossom water, as well as using it in the manufacture of medicines.
The Arabs introduced violet flowers, jasmine, lavender, lemon, sandalwood and cedar wood in the manufacture of beautiful oriental perfumes, and the wheel of perfumery continued to develop until it reached its climax in the modern European civilization, where the perfume industry expanded greatly and the companies that topped it globally.
And the development in perfumes continued until they had types and each type had a time to use, for example morning perfumes differ from night perfumes in their strength, concentration and raw materials, so in the morning we have to choose a light and practical fragrance with a calm and cool smell, and in the evening there is nothing wrong with choosing perfumes with raw materials. Concentrated, whether it has an oriental character in its composition of oud oil and incense, or it has a European characteristic that depends on the concentration of alcohol in it, because the night moves. And in it, appointments are beaten and hours of conversations and various meetings prolonged.
Also, perfumes differ according to our personality, each of us has his own style of highlighting his personality, and perfumes have always been the master of the situation in giving each one of us what distinguishes us from others.
It is a mood enhancing and invigorating attraction.
There are distinct and exceptional perfumes that we often hear about, so you must know how to choose the right fragrance.

In this set, we'll learn about 12 personalities and 12 fragrances that suit them.

1) The romantic personality
Compassionate and kind personality who sees love everywhere. It is delicate and suitable for floral scents such as jasmine, orchid, and violet.
2) The dreamy personality
A very calm character who cannot be provoked and lives in her own happy world, suitable for marine or aquatic perfumes.
3) a cheerful personality
She is a fun, lovable, charming character, suitable for scenting citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit, orange and some other fruits.
4) The independent personality
She is a strong, self-confident figure, bold and elegant, and is suitable for oriental fragrances such as amber, musk, vanilla, cloves and spices.
5) A responsible person
She is a trusted person to take on leadership and management duties as she loves to control and is suitable for woody fragrances like sandalwood and pine
6) An extroverted personality
She is a person who cares about nature and does not like to make it, and is suitable for herbal perfumes derived from green nature mixed with the scent of fruits.
7) The sports person
He is an active and dynamic person who loves to compete, and is suitable for citrus scents such as lemon, orange, grapefruit and apricot.
8) The mysterious person
It is a person who surrounds herself with an aura of lack of clarity and tries to get out of the normal and oriental perfumes such as musk, amber and spices that suit her.
9) Deep personality
She is a character who does not see things superficially and tends to overthink, and she is warm in her feelings and organized in all her affairs, suitable for woody perfumes
10) The optimistic personality
She is a character who always sees the future better, does not like pessimism, loves to be always happy, matches the scent of light flowers and refreshing fruits.
11) A peaceful personality
She avoids clashes, exudes patience and diplomacy, and gives way to the scent of herbs and citrus.
12) Sensual personality
She is a fun-loving character in everything and loves emotional adventures, suitable for oriental perfumes and suitable for perfumes that smell food such as cinnamon, vanilla, coffee and chocolate.

To find out how to install a fragrance, you can search the website for any perfume, in the description you will find all the information about the fragrance, and you can also buy it through the website


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