Beesline Deodorant Whitening Beauty Pearl Spray 150ml

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Skin whitening deodorant

Beesline deodorant limits the secretion of unpleasant odors and sweating while preserving the skin, delaying hair growth, lightening and unifying skin color and leaving no white trace on clothes. 72-hour anti-perspirant protection.


1- Suitable for sensitive skin.

2- It delays hair growth.

3- Its effectiveness lasts 72 hours to protect against perspiration.

4- Helps to get lighter skin.

5- Purify and more refreshing under the arms.

6- Free of alcohol, hydroquinone and parabens.

Ingredients :

Tefloz from rummanose sugar: controls unpleasant odors and calms the skin after hair removal.

Alum stone powder: absorbs unpleasant odors and sweat.

Propolis: removes odors caused by bacteria.

Lumiskin from Chilean tree: Reduces the appearance of skin spots and deeply brightens the skin.

Aloe Vera: soothes and moisturizes sensitive skin.

Ginger and soy: reduce hair growth after removal


Spray at a distance of 15 cm, leave to dry before wearing clothes

warning :

1- Do not spray on a wound or sensitive skin.

2- Keep away from the eye area when using.