Beesline Sensitive Area Set Whitenning Intimate Wash + Moisturise + Stay Fresh

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Routine whitening intimate areas

The natural lightening routine for daily use, in line with the physiological acidity of the sensitive area.

A daily routine with only three steps to lighten, moisturize and refresh intimate areas

The first step:

Cleaning with a personal care brightening lotion:

1- Purifies and cleans the skin of intimate areas

2- Lightens dark skin.

3- Maintains physiological acidity.

The second step:

Moisturizing with a whitening cream for sensitive areas:

Natural, safe and effective cream.

1- It opens the dark skin in the intimate areas

2- Moisturizes, calms and rejuvenates dark skin in sensitive areas such as the bikini line, underarms and intimate area.

3- Smoothes the skin, making it uniform in color and free of impurities

The third step :

Freshness and protection with Sensifresh Whitening Sensitive Area Deodorant:

Deodorant spray for intimate areas:

1- Controls the bacteria that cause odors.

2- Skin color.

3- It absorbs moisture and calms sensitive skin

Use : 

1- Clean the skin with a lightening lotion for personal care.

2- Wash well with water and dry.

3- The whitening cream is applied to sensitive areas to moisturize the skin.

4- Use a deodorant to lighten the skin when needed.