Dr. Rashel Whitening Fade Cleanser 80g

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Dr. Rashel

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Dr. Rashel Whitening Fade Cleanser

A deep cleansing face wash that cleans all dark spots and all kinds of grease and dirt, and has many benefits for the skin, such as reducing the appearance of large pores on the skin and others.

Features :

1- It helps to deeply clean and moisturize the skin by giving a natural glow.

2- The product is suitable for all skin types, as it contains a group of elements that contribute significantly to exfoliation of the skin and thus benefits the skin in general.

3- It was made from a group of ingredients that contribute to purifying the skin from the effects of make-up, and it also removes the group of oils that are present on the face in general.

4- The cream effectively contributes to the removal of all dirt, which has a superior ability to rid the skin of large pores, and effectively maintains the health of the skin.

5- It works effectively in removing dark spots and lightening the skin.

6- It is not harsh on the skin, but rather contributes to moisturizing it

Usage :

If you regularly use the product twice in the morning and evening, you will get a fresh skin free of impurities after a short period.