Faster Oilex Oil Hair Back

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Faster Oilex Oil Hair Back

Faster oil with garlic is one of the best types of oil that helps reduce hair loss significantly, as it clearly stimulates hair follicles to grow hair.

Features :

1- For children and adults for children from the age of two years.

2- Garlic oil is one of the most oils that help to regrow hair again and restore its vitality and strength without any side effects.

3- An oil that stimulates hair follicles and promotes healthy hair growth.

4- It prevents hair loss and works to stabilize hair and revitalize the follicles and make them more strong and protective

5- It is used to strengthen hair in cases of general weakness or diet and in cases of pregnancy and lactation

6- It works to re-grow hair and provide them with complete nutrition.

7- It eliminates alopecia and fills the hair spaces.

8- It moisturizes the hair and gives it luster and density.

ingredients :

Faster garlic oil consists of a wonderful group of oils and vitamins (vitamin C - vitamin A - omega-3 - jojoba oil - cannabis oil - argan oil - garlic - zinc).

Usage :

1- Faster garlic oil is used for hair twice a day, morning and evening.

2- It is sprayed on the hair or on the hands and is massaged well with the scalp, a light massage in a circular motion with the tips of the fingers and distributed to the rest of the hair until the ends, as it is placed on the bald parts previously.

3- A treatment program for a period of at least 3 months (the first month stage against falling - the second stage strengthening the omens - the stage of hair growth in the third month).