How to know the Original perfume?????

How to know the Original perfume?????

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We have to notice important points in original perfumes such as:

The color: the color of original perfum has rather pale liquid, because the original companies do not use pigments.

The serial number (Patch number): is the printed or engraved number on the cartoon package, should be the same on the glass bottle.

The international barcode: is a number gives indication about the country of manufacture and manufacturer, but this become imitates.

The plastic wrap (cellophane): must be of good and soft texture material, and closed by automatic machines not by sticky.

The glass bottle: must be soft textured and good bottle that has no scratches on.

The bottle cap: must be sealed and consistent/ harmony with the bottle.

The sprayer: must be clean the fragrance’s oil does not get deposit on it because the original oil does not settle on the sprayer after spraying.

The plastic tube: which transfer the liquid to the sprayer, must not be longer than necessary, not curve.

The fragrance foam: when you shake the bottle, the liquid must return back to its nature without foam or deposits.

The fragrance’s lasting: the original fragrance’s lasting different according to its concentration,
Eau de cologne the fragrance concentration varied between 2% to 5% and last from one to two hours, Eau de Toilet from 5 % to 15% and last from two to four hours, Eau de perfume varied between 15% to 20% and last from four to six hours, and the perfume from 20% to 30% and last from 6: 9 hours, this period different according to the fragrance ingredients.

Where to buy it / the buy place: must be known place, has headquarter and known address.

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