Your wife or your wallet

Your wife or your wallet

o2morny storeNov 24, '18

Many of us live in a strong state of love before marriage, like Romeo and Juliet. Engagement, feasts, teddy bears, roses, chocolates, and wedding.
After marriage just two month, the honeymoon and the month after it, and the romance over and they get busy in the life's routine.
The state of love and passion at the beginning of the marriage decreases and calms down, and the grinder of life begins to grind the couple. He is busy and she.
Life calms down between them, and the couple fall into many difficulties, the biggest of which is marital boredom. Of course, if you do not treat it, it can develop into a state of apathy/ carelessness.

That the partner does not want his partner, that happen for many reasons, including lack of renewal of love and longing between them, because longing is energy like any energy should be renewed and your heart’s battery should recharges again.

This happens by habituation, you get used to go to a new places (promenade or picnic) for example every month, stay together far from people, spend some sweet days like the honeymoon to renew your power of love to strengthen contact between you in everything in order to be together one entity.
Simple things can refresh your relation strongly, promenade, sweet words, or/and a sweet gift.

This is the question, did you think before to bring a gift to your wife?
Frankly, under the pressure of life many husbands forget to bring gifts to their wives, and forget that the gifts are not such a bought goods, but have a big value in their wives eyes exceed its price, especially if the gifts are without any reason.
So the gift is not the goods you find in hypermarket or in the shops, you should give your gift a big mean and value and this has many simple steps, let us know them together.

1- You have to ask yourself, is there any coming occasion soon or not?
Like her Birthday, so do not forget to bring the cake, sometimes the cake is more important than the gift itself and if there is no cake a problem might happen, but anyway the gift is also very important . An occasion in its work, an honoring in its work, Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha, all this need a gift.
Or Mother’s Day!! Oh yes, Mother’s Day!! Do you imagine that the women is expecting / waiting for gifts from their husbands in this day! The most important thing is do not forget your anniversary, it would be black drama if you forget this day.
Women are tender and emotional creatures and sometimes over acting in their reactions, less things looks nonentity for you or you do not pay attention, means a lot to them. But you have to take this into account very well.

2- Ask yourself, what do she need strongly in the next period?
Do not forget, the most beautiful gifts are the ones we need desperately but we do not remember.
This means to think what she needs? If she goes to work and does a lot of work, of course she will need a laptop, or if she goes to the gym of course she will need a lovely and suitable training suit. But, don’t forget it should be fit to her size. In case you bring it large size she would say am I obese/overweight? And if you bring it tight, she would be embarrassing and her mood fluctuates, and you will bring troubles to yourself. Accuracy is needed.
For example, she gets tired in transportations and dreams a car, bring her a small car. Believe me, she would love you so much and you can then spend a small honeymoon celebrating for the car.
If you got a heart attack or inability to breathe, ignore the last two lines.
If you want to bring a gift for her now or in the coming days, you can bring a sweet gift “package” from the gifts page in the website.
If she loves perfumes so much, you will find a distinguished set of wonderful branded gift sets. And if she loves makeup, she will find a sweet set of makeup gifts.

Seriously, there is not lovelier than a husband who remember his wife by a gift, even it is simple, it will be the sweetest if there is not any occasion.

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