The 6 Most Powerful Sex Fragrances For Men In The World

The 6 Most Powerful Sex Fragrances For Men In The World

o2morny storeMar 22, '20

Gender is one of the most important areas in which perfum is used, as the content of a fragrance is to attract or attract attention

And the matter evolved into attraction and acceptance, and more recently to its effects on hormones, from which parfum was never used to attract someone's attention, or events of attendance in a place, whether a meeting or among colleagues, friends, home, or even a public place, and with time the use of perfum evolved to be of attraction and excitement, and its use for sexual relations. Its role is not limited only to the stage of seduction, but entered into a larger stage, which is the stage of the relationship itself, as the fragrance is not to attract two partners to each other relationship, but it also facilitates the relationship and gives her a completely different taste and sweeps away the feelings and deep hot feelings for both parties in a strong and warm cycle mixed well during the relationship The brain itself and this is what the brain is responsible for as well, and it becomes the two partners of the relationship as one individual. Here, dear reader, is the best sexual perfume for men in order.

1) Blue De Chanel perfume

This fragrance is attractive in its best form and it is suitable for winter and summer, and the top of the fragrance is refreshing smells of lemon and grapefruit, then the rest of the layers of resinous gum, cedar wood, sandalwood, ginger, mint and incense.

2) Sexy 212 perfume for men by Carolina Herrera Sexy

This perfume is one of the most important perfumes for sexy men that women love, it is a fragrance that has a distinctive aroma that emits strength, toughness and quality, it consists of citrus orange, bergamot, and herbal aromas, while the heart of the fragrance consists of cardamom, pepper and vanity and the base of the fragrance is vanilla, sandalwood, guaiac wood, musk and amber.

3) Sauvage by Christian Dior

It smells like an exciting tour in the woods with a confident man, it is the fragrance of attractiveness, elegance and sophistication as it consists of a group of herbs and citrus fruits with a refreshing smell and a little vetiver.

4) Euphoria Intense for Men, or (Euphoria) by Calvin Klein

The name of the fragrance originally means ecstasy, and it is one of the very distinctive perfumes from Calvin Klein. The opening scent is unique, which is ginger and sodashi, the smell of rain and pepper, and the heart of the fragrance is of cedar leaves, black basil and teak, and the base of the fragrance is suede scent.

5) Boss Bottled Night by Hugo 

This fragrance smells lively and romantic, and consists of a mixture of fragrant lavender, birch wood and flowers, and the heart of the fragrance contains the aroma of soft earth and musk with some sharp spices capable of refreshing the senses, and any man who uses this perfume makes the scent more exciting and the woman cannot resist it.

6) Creed Aventus

A very tempting fragrance, it is based on the smell of pineapple, musk and aromatic woods that make the fragrance spread around the place, it is a fragrance that guarantees any man to attract women.

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