How to buy an online perfume without smelling/sniffing it.

How to buy an online perfume without smelling/sniffing it.

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Secrets of buy online perfumes without smell /sniff!!!
Many people are afraid of buying online perfumes, and at the same time, if they go to the perfumes shops will get headache from smelling different fragrances.

So, we will know together how to buy your perfume via online:

- Words added to the name
Night, Black, Dark, Extreme, Passion
When you find these words in the name of the perfume, it means that this one is deep, strong & for night times.
Water, Fresh, Blue
It means light & fresh, blue means the perfume is close to the smell of the sea, and suitable for the day times.

- The color of the bottle
If the bottle is light colored, means fresh and light fragrance.
The golden color, means concentrated and strong fragrance for night.
The Yellow color, expresses summer, fun, spontaneity, contain citrus and suitable for summer and day times.
The Green color, expresses the nature and the grasses smell and if it is dark green means from the nature but stronger.
The Red color, connected to power and passion. Red in perfumes’ world means that the fragrance full of power of life, strong and sharpness which dominated by the Oriental smells, Spices, Ginger and Musk.
The black color, means deep, concentrated fragrance suitable for Autumn, Winter and Night times. In black color you should connect between the name and the aromatic ingredients with the color, this requires specialist in perfumes composition and we are in our Company have the ability and the specialist to help people choose their fragrances.

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